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Home Insurance Fort Worth TX Liability

Home Insurance Fort Worth TX Liability


Although a person’s home is their castle, it can also have flaws. Some major, some minor, and some which can lead to potential lawsuits. For this reason, it’s important to have comprehensive home insurance Fort Worth, TX. A liability provision needs to make sure that you – and your […]

Home Insurance Fort Worth TX Excludes Flood

Home Insurance Fort Worth TX Excludes Flood


Home insurance Fort Worth TX excludes flood insurance. Flood insurance must be purchased thru the National Flood Insurance Program and has been set up in most communities.


Flood Insurance Coverage


This is an insurance policy that covers losses that are attributed to the overflow of inland water. The source of […]

Home Insurance Fort Worth TX Reasons to Insure

Home Insurance Fort Worth TX Reasons to Insure

You have peace of mind; random acts of nature usually happen unannounced but when you have an active home insurance policy, a safety net of sorts put between you and the catastrophe. This ensures that even if you are evacuated at a moment’s notice, you […]

Home Insurance Fort Worth TX Risk Tolerance

Home Insurance Fort Worth TX Risk Tolerance

When it comes to selecting homeowners insurance, Fort Worth, TX homeowners and residents should consider the following three key factors: covered events and exclusions, deductibles and your level of risk tolerance. If you follow the simple suggestions below, you should be able to obtain an affordable […]

Home Insurance Fort Worth TX

Finding the Best Value for Home Insurance Fort Worth TX

For an average home owner, home insurance in Fort Worth TX might seem a bit of a stretch. This is completely normal to understand, especially when there is nothing wrong with our property. But imagine coming home and seeing your house on fire – that’s […]

Steps to take after an automobile accident

Here are some helpful tips, and steps you should take if you have just had an automobile accident.

  • If possible, move your car to avoid blocking traffic and to protect it from further damage.
  • Call the police if somebody is injured or killed, if you can’t move your car, or if the accident involved a hit-and-run […]

Insure Your Valuables

Are you wondering  how to protect and insure your valuables? 

Your homeowners insurance generally covers the contents of your home. However, there are specified limits on certain items such as jewelry, paintings, antiques, collections, musical instruments and silverware. For broader protection of your most valuable items you may want to […]

Glossary of Homeowners Insurance Terms

Below is a glossary of Homeowners Insurance Terms:

Actual cash value (ACV):
The value of your property, based on the current cost to replace it minus depreciation. Also see “replacement cost.”

Additional living expenses (ALE):
Reimburses the policyholder for the cost of temporary housing, food, and other essential living expenses, if the home is damaged […]

Questions to ask a Homeowners Insurance Agent

Ask what type of homeowners insurance policy they are selling. Is it the HO-B, HO-A, or another policy?

If it is an HO-A, ask if any coverage has been added to the base HO-A policy. Verify what they tell you with an independent source (such as the OPIC policy comparison chart […]

Glossary of Auto Insurance Terms

A general understanding of basic auto insurance terms will help you understand what you are and aren’t covered for in your policy. 

The following auto insurance terms are offered to give you a basic explanation of the terms you may hear or read when shopping for auto insurance. Feel free to give us a call at 817-380-452 […]